Hey there, I’m Lee McKinnon and I live in the Greater Boston Area. I went to school in Boston for Computer Engineering and I’m currently a a lead software engineer in the financial industry where I develop enterprise applications on the .NET stack both client and server side. I’ve been working on the same platform for the past 8 years where I’ve seen it grow from a 3-man operation to more than 20 people with operations in the USA and Ukraine.


I always have one or two hobby projects that I work on to learn more. Most aren’t public and I tend to abandon them after some time due to lack of interest and/or time (I work at a start-up which takes up most, if not all of my time) but it’s lots of fun working on them and I learn quite a bit.

My current projects are:

  • Sparrow - Built with ASP.NET Core/ReactJS, this is a self-hosted application that collects everything you want, think of a Journal on steroids.
  • Gardenrr - A helpful gardening app for Android. Django/Python (backend) .. Android/Java (mobile) .. ReactJS (web frontend)

Past projects are:

  • TinyCore - A tiny blogging platform. PHP/MYSQL
  • WifiMapper - A school project that mapped wifi access points using a physical GPS/USB dongle as you walked around a city such as Boston (my college town). WPF/XAML/MS-SQL
  • JellyfishRSS - A replacement for Google Reader when it was taken down. Django/Python
  • Media Manager - A Windows desktop application and a server component (Windows Service) that manages your videos. Was built to help manage home videos on VHS. Utilized ffmpeg to generate thumbnails of media for easy identification. WPF/XAML/MS-SQL
  • - A system to manage your Z-Wave connected devices via a Z-Wave USB dongle. (Never got past the design phase due to technical issues around Z-Wave’s closed protocol)
  • - A site that aggregated all rocket launches. Django/Python/Postgres

The Site

The site is generated using Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages.